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Prof. Teun Koetsier

VU-University, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Teun Koetsier​ ( ​Pijnacker​ , ​8 June ​1946​ ), raised in ​Dordrecht​ , is a ​mathematician​ and ​philosopher , specialist in the history and philosophy of mathematics. After completing secondary school at the Christelijk Lyceum in Dordrecht, Koetsier studied mathematics and civil engineering at ​Delft University of Technology​ and then philosophy of mathematics at ​Radboud University​ . He continued his studies at ​Stanford University​ . He is attached as ​associate professor​ at the Faculty of Sciences of the ​VU University Amsterdam In 1991 he published a book about the philosophy of mathematics of the Hungarian-English philosopher ​Imre Lakatos​ . With ​Victor Allis he​ published on ​super tasks​ . The question is: What happens when an infinite number of actions are carried out in a finite period of time? With the French historian Luc Bergmans ​[1]​ . he compiled a detailed historical study on the relationship between mathematics and religion under the title ​Mathematics and the Divine ​ [2]​ . He wrote several articles about the role of geometry in mechanical engineering. From 1990 to 1997 he was chairman of the permanent committee for the history of the ​International Federation for the Promotion of Mechanism and Machine Science ​ (IFToMM). ​[3]​For his work on the history of machinery and mechanism theory, he received the IFToMM ​Award of Merit ​ in 2004. ​[4] From 2005 to 2011 he was Secretary for Honors and Awards of the Executive Council of IFToMM. In 2016, together with the mayor of Laren, ​Elbert Roest​ , he published the study ​Shooting on the Moon, Authority and Resistance in Laren NH in WW II ​ . With ​Ineke Hilhorst​ and Elbert Roest he wrote the 2017 edition of ​De slag om de Berg-Stichting ​ . ​Shooting on the Moon ​ tells the story of the Second World War on the basis of the events in Laren at that time. ​The Battle of the Mountain Foundation ​ tells the story of the Holocaust on the basis of what happened to the Laren-based Jewish children's home, the Berg Foundation.


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